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Helping you to navigate the complexities of your life insurance and annuity policies.

We found that most people buy life and annuity policies and rarely review them.  There are many factors that dictate your policy performance and needs over time and we are here to help you navigate the best options.

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Get expert assistance with all life and annuity needs

Our service team are all licensed professionals located here in the United States. Even if you call an insurance company directly you may not get all the answers you need to make informed decisions.  

Our staff is up to date on all recent developments in the Life Insurance world. We are experts in newer policies with living benefits such as long term care, critical illness, or longer guaranteed death benefits.

There is hope! New life policies are actually less expensive because there is higher mortality. People are living longer!

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Never have your questions go unanswered again

We provide solutions for the following and beyond:

  • Companies have exited the business and are now being serviced by other companies.

  • Representatives may have moved, retired, or passed away.

  • Interest rates have been steadily declining over the last three decades causing policy performance on interest sensitive products to plummet which may lead to policy lapse. This is particular to universal life policies.

  • Drastic fluctuations in the securities market in variable universal policies can lead to dramatic effects on your policy.

  • Some insurance companies have raised the internal pricing of policies.

  • Dividend performance on whole life could be lower than projected which could lead to loans or increased payments.

  • Your term policy could be running out. You may need to convert to permanent insurance or buy new or additional term.

  • Your annuity may be underperforming, or a new company may not be providing valuable statements. You may want to start taking an income and need to know the best way to manage.

  • You may no longer to be able to afford your coverage yet your policy may be very valuable and can be sold for substantial cash.

  • Don’t let your policy lapse! Call us first!

*There are NO FEES and NO RISK in using our service.  We may ask that we become broker of record to get more detailed information on our policies or connect you with the appropriate people to help you with your concerns.

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Policy Review

Check to see if policy is in force and performing on living benefits, death benefits, and cash value.


Beneficiary Review

Allocating funds and leaving proceeds to a deceased person or an ex-spouse may be the result of out of date policies.

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Company Review

How solid is the company you are with? Are they still in business? Have they gone through major changes recently? Have the expected features of conversion rights changed?

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